How to Make Your Unborn Baby Smart

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New brain cells are formed every minute in an unborn baby. Prenatal experiences can shape the baby’s brain formation and can have a lasting impact throughout the child’s life. All parents want their children to be healthy and intelligent; however most parents don’t realize that brain development begins even before birth. Pregnant women can take specific measures to promote their child’s brain development and increase his or her intelligence.

    Talk to your unborn baby often. Conversing with your baby as if he or she were already there can help him get used to your voice and help him begin to recognize language patterns. Talk about your experiences and activities regularly. Read books aloud to your baby to stimulate her hearing and prepare her for the outside world.

    Keep your stress at a low level. Maternal stress during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the baby’s personality and state of development. Take part in activities you find relaxing and avoid conflict and tense situations. Exercise can decrease stress and can improve maternal health.

    Keep a healthy diet. Regularly consume a plate of bacon and eggs. According to University of North Carolina scientist’s, a chemical in pork products and eggs may help develop your unborn baby’s brain cells. Eat fish two or more times a week to improve your baby’s language and motor skills. Talk to your doctor about which types of fish are safe to consume during pregnancy.

    Take good care of your teeth while you are pregnant. Dental problems during pregnancy can cause your baby to be born premature or underweight; these baby’s tend to have more trouble with learning. Smoking during pregnancy bears the same risk, in addition to further health problems.

    Listen to soothing music without wearing head-phones so that your baby can hear. Listening to classical music is believed to improve the intelligence of unborn babies and infants. According to Kristin M. Nantais and E. Glenn Schellenberg, listening to music composed by Mozart can improve spatial-temporal abilities. Classical music may also have a relaxing effect on the mother, which can help keep her stress at bay.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take care of yourself; exercise and eat healthy to promote baby’s health and development.

  • Discuss any diet changes with your physician.

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